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Package 4 - Secure Top Rankings

Serious SEO Package is for a company looking to secure search engine rankings and have a tremendous amount of web exposure on many medias. 


The Serious SEO Package Includes:

SEO Audit

The SEO Audit will enable clients to see exactly where your website currently stands and what areas need to be tweaked for maximum search engine traffic.

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Keyword Research for 10 phrases

The best search engine rankings start with utilizing the best keywords! Fission SEO experts will compile a list of competitive search phrases based on your business' needs and form an SEO strategy to put the optimization packages into action resulting in more clients for you.

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Search Engine Placement Report

Keeping track of your Search Engine Rankings can be difficult and time consuming. Fission SEO makes tracking and comparing your placements easy! The Search Engine placement reports will show current page rankings for each of the searched phrases. You will be able to compare the prior reports to show positive, negative, and neutral movements in the search engines with recurring ranking reports.

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Competitor Analysis

Get Ahead With Fission SEO by allowing Fission SEO to Analyze your Competitors! Finally, not only will you level the playing field, but you can surpass the competition!  The Competitor Keyword and Link Analysis provides a great understanding into the search engine content being identified with their websites.

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Meta Pack for up to 10 pages

Fission SEO experts highly recommend adding meta tag optimization to your internet marketing. Meta Tag Optimization Package will optimize page URL, optimize keywords, optimize titles, and add additional meta tag metrics.

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Content Keywords Integration for existing pages on the site

Keyword rich content is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fission SEO will revise existing content using a number of guidelines for the most SEO friendly pages.

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Link Optimization

Adjusting labels and linking text anchors are heavily weighed factors to a website's optimization. Search engine robots interpret the anchor text and labels of the link as descriptions of the landing page and are highly valued elements of the search algorithms.

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Image Labeling

Image Optimization is a critical step of SEO that is often overlooked. This can be a lost opportunity for better rankings and missed business leads.  Fission SEO not only meets but EXCEEDS Google's webmaster guidelines for image optimization to ensure minimal loss of business leads!

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Creation of 10 unique landing pages

Fission SEO's Landing Page strategy aims to turn specific content pages into major portals for specific keywords. We can drive the Landing Pages to rank for the targeted keywords and track your conversions!

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SEO Clean up for the existing pages on the website

Fission SEO's clean up package integrates several optimization tactics on the pages of your website to ensure Search Engine compliance or "friendliness". Services included in the SEO Clean Up are Content Evaluation, Black Hat SEO Check, Google Analytics Consulting, Google Maps Code Integration, Integration of Existing Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube pages) and more!

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