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Hummingbird and You

Google and other search engines, such as Bing, use complex algorithms to determine, rank, and display their search results.  These algorithms, most famously Google's Panda and Penguin, attempt to improve search results by getting rid of low quality results and spam.  However, Hummingbird is not an update. Instead, Google has developed an entirely new algorithm or set of scoring metrics.

Trusted SEO Tactics

 Although their naming could be misleading to some, Google's latest rounds of algorithm updates have put a lot of stress on SEO professionals to keep up with the changing times.  Penguins and Pandas are vastly different animals in the SEO world.

Google Changes AdWords Quality Score

To support their AdWords feature, Google has a Quality Score system in place to rank ads. A Quality Score from 1-10 is assigned based on the relevancy of an ad to its similar keywords and landing pages.

Google Cracks Down on Overuse of Guest Posting, Anchor Text

 To further establish a standard of appropriate link building habits, Google made changes to their link schemes section of the Webmaster guidelines. As expected, the revision cracked down on excessive guest posting and overly-optimized anchor text.

Are Stock or Original Photos Better for SEO?

In a new Google Webmaster video by Matt Cutts, the possible impact of photographic content on your site's SEO is discussed. Does Google distinguish between sites that use original photos and sites that use the same photos repeatedly?

A Simple Approach to SEO Reporting

Building monthly reports on your SEO efforts can be a truly daunting task. Breaking down your SEO metrics to demonstrate progress can be just as difficult. How do you go about proving that a month's worth of work contributed to greater search engine rankings and increased traffic?

Fancy SEO Phrases Translated

 "Say what you mean and mean what you say" is the Golden rule when referring to SEO and Search Engine Marketing. Confusion can be avoided as long as people follow that simple rule. We've compiled a list of the top 10 phrases that are often mentioned during SEO and SEM agreements.

Enhanced Google Adwords

Due to consumers rapidly growing preference for mobile devices, Google has developed mobile options for your Pay Per Click campaigns, so that you may better reach these users while they're on the move!