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Google Changes AdWords Quality Score



To support their AdWords feature, Google has a Quality Score system in place to rank ads. A Quality Score from 1-10 is assigned based on the relevancy of an ad to its similar keywords and landing pages. Google has rolled out an update to the Quality Score system reporting.


According to AdWords Product Manager Jen Huang, three key factors are being made more influential in determining an ad's Quality Score: expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. As Huang noted, however, the update will only be applied to ads with automated rules for reporting Quality Score. These changes align well with many of Google's most recent updates that encourage marketers to build authentic content that is adaptable to the numerous platforms available to users today.


The update is capable of comparing the keyword used for your ad to how that keyword has performed in the past as a measure of how the ad's Quality Score is calculated.  Google will also look at how closely the ad ties to the content on the landing page.


By making AdWords more responsive to past production of keywords and the relevancy of the ad to its landing page, Google is continuing to make AdWords Quality Scores a better measure of ranking ads for businesses. Feel free to discuss the impacts of these changes over on the Fission SEO Facebook page!